EU Legal Information Resources on the Web – Finding What you need in a Couple of Clicks

Date: 06 July 2021

Time: 08:45

Duration: 1 day

Location: Online

Cost: 400 EUR

Organiser: ECIJ - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA Luxembourg (LU)

Web Link:


About this online course

The official website of the European Union ( is the most extensive digital portal on the net. It is also the point of entry to an immense plethora of digital resources for professionals working with the EU, economic operators who want to pursue business in the EU, citizens and consumers living and working in the EU and academics and scholars researching about the EU. Moreover, countless other websites (either free or commercial) have flourished over the years, augmenting the information offer ready to be accessed even more.

This hands-on, practical and interactive online course aims to:

- provide an overview of the most valuable and practical EU information resources;
- demonstrate which tools to use to obtain official documents quickly, ranging from
publications, statistics, open data to legal information about the EU;
- how to intervene in EU consultations as well as express and voice interests in the making of EU legislation;
- how to find about funding opportunities provided by the EU;
- how to apply to projects and public contracts.

What will you learn?

Thanks to this online course, you will learn how to find quickly and efficiently:

  • policy initiatives, legislative proposals and work programmes;
  • legislation, case law and summaries of legislation;
  • policy papers and press releases;
  • public procurement notices, call for tenders, grants and loans;
  • bibliographical, translation, linguistic and terminological information;
  • contact information, ‘who’s who’ and ‘who’s doing what’ in the EU.

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