Information Sources for General Living and Working Issues

A number of websites focus on general living and working issues in Brussels.

General websites for newcomers: from Brussels-Region

Local government provides not one, but two websites for new arrivals in Brussels. The sites are:

Brussels-Capital Region - Citizens. This portal is a useful starting-point for finding official sources of information on general settling-in issues.

Brussels-Europe Liaison Office. One of the purposes of this office is to help newcomers settle into their new life in Brussels. The website contains a lot of helpful leads on general living and working issues.

General websites for newcomers: from other organisations

A number of English-language websites offer general, practical advice on settling in Brussels, including:

BrusselsLife. A website mixing what's on news with a few features on settling-in matters.

Craigslist. World-wide: a phenomenon; in Brussels: less-so. The relatively-recent creation of Craiglist's Brussels website means it is not as comprehensive (yet) as other Craigslist city websites.  Still worth a look. A site comprehensively dealing with all general issues faced by newcomers. An equally comprehensive site with a useful Newcomer section and Q&A feature.

Further sites are always appearing. If you come across a website and think it will be useful for this Newcomer section, please contact us

First published: 14 October
Last updated: 5 October 2006

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