Just Arrived, No Idea What To Do Next...

The vast majority of lawyers in Brussels-based law firms are self-employed.

Before coming to Brussels, many non-Belgian lawyers have little or no experience of this self-employed status.

Understanding what self-employment involves is an additional challenge to learning to practice in another jurisdiction.

The quality of advice available on this subject is variable, so the following articles intend to give a basic understanding of the important issues involved.

Please note: The purpose of this general advice is to help lawyers become aware of self-employment issues. This advice is for information purposes only and you are advised to get specific advice for your own situation.

(1) Help! I am confused ... Many lawyers' reaction when first hearing they will be classified as self-employed.

(2) Current situation overview. A brief explanation of recent developments concerning this self-employed status.

(3) What does Self-Employment involve? An article assuming you know nothing about this subject; setting out the very basics.

(4) Who can help me with these tasks? Are you alone? Of course not. There are a variety and number of specialist advisors to help you.

(5) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an accountant? Looking at why you may or may not want to use an accountant.

(6) What factors should I keep in mind when choosing my accountant? If you are using an accountant, then some fundamental factors to help you pick the right one.

First published: 15 October 2005
Last updated: 19 August 2006

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