EU and Competition Law: LSEG Brussels

The well-established Brussels section of the Law Society's European Group (LSEG Brussels) has evolved into one of the most active discussion fora for EU and competition law specialists in the city.

Brussels Legal asked the current chairman, Conor Maguire of Brussels Matters, more about the organisation.

BL: What is the LSEG Brussels' background?

CM: The LSEG is the Brussels 'branch' of the Law Society's European Group based in London. The LSEG (then known as the 'Solicitors European Group') was established in the early 1990s to enable the growing community of (then) mainly English solicitors to participate in informal but informative meetings with senior EU officials speaking on topical developments in EU law.

BL: What does the LSEG Brussels do?

CM: The LSEG Brussels organises conferences, seminars and (mainly) evening meetings for lawyers with an interest in and/or practising EU law.

More recently, the LSEG Brussels has sought to broaden the audiences at LSEG Brussels events by including lawyers practising EU law beyond the Belgian capital (including lawyers from other EU countries), in-house counsel and lawyers working with the myriad of trade associations in Brussels.

BL: Can you give examples of the sort of events that take place?

CM: In the LSEG Brussels organised evening meetings on the following topics:

• Private Enforcement of EC competition law;
• Certain Article 82 issues (aka Microsoft);
• The State Aid Action Plan;
• Competition law developments in the New Media arena;
• 'Towards a Mature System of EC Competition Law Enforcement - What's next';
• 'The Case for an EU International Competition Policy';
• 'Competition and Professional Services';
• DG Competition's new competition screening policies; and
• Sports and Competition policy.

The LSEG Brussels also usually organises an annual dinner during which a very senior Commission official - Directors General have been regular guests - gives the keynote address.

In we have meetings planned on a variety of subjects starting with the Commission's on-going market enquiries in the financial services and energy sectors.

BL: How much does it cost to join the LSEG Brussels and where can someone interested in joining find out more information?

CM: Membership costs £35.00 per year payable (for the moment at least) only to the UK events' organisers (trainees (stagiaires) and students pay a much-reduced rate).  Lawyers interested in participating in LSEG Brussels events should contact

Author: Brussels Legal
Published: 9 January
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