Fiscal Issues (4): Income Tax

Bart Van den Bossche writes:

In Belgium, an income tax declaration covers one calendar year and is filed approximately 6 months after that calendar year has finished. So, as an example, person X's income tax declaration for will be filed in summer 2008.

As described in the second series article, you may establish yourself as a self-employed lawyer as either a self-employed person or through a one-person company.

If you are a self-employed person, then you will make one tax declaration, covering your professional income and any other income you received in that year.

If you have a one-person company, then you and your company will make separate tax declarations. Your personal tax declaration will cover all the personal income you received while resident in Belgium.

Your company's tax declaration will cover a 12 month period.  That accounting period does not have to be for the calendar period (January to December), but it can be for another period (such as July 1 to June 31).

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