Newcomer Practical Tip 3: Healthier Brussels Living

Normally Brussels Legal would not supply information from an anonymous source.

However an exception will be made for an experienced, Brussels-based General Practitioner who has advised newcomers for many years. This Doctor did not want to be named in case s/he breached professional rules about advertising (we are not joking).

The doctor passed on a small, but useful tip.

Some newcomers arrive in Brussels and initially suffer more than usual from coughs, colds, the flu (and worse).

The cause?  Apparently Brussels is situated on marshy land and the air here contains more microbes than usual (which is an interesting - and healthy - ingredient in the local beer).

The combination of Brussels' marshy location and changeable climate means it can take some newcomers a little while longer to adjust to their new environment.

The doctor's remedy? Take preventative action by making trips to places where the air is clean(er). S/he recommends frequent trips to the Belgian coast and the Ardennes in the south of the country.

Visit the IRCEL-CELINE website to find up-to-date information on ambient air quality in Brussels.

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Published: 29 November 2005

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