Blog Week 8: More change, new people.

Monday 16 January 23.58

What a day! Well it all started last Friday...

As part of the latest upheaval, I have been moved into the IT room (do not ask me why, given I am Bill's secretary).

I am now sharing an office with a guy everyone else in the office calls "Mockney".

Mockney has this name because, while he is from another part of Europe, he spent 6 months working in London. He talks with a faux-London ("Cockney") accent and now he uses rhyming slang everytime he can.

The first thing Mockney said to me when I entered "our" office was: "Where is the best place in Brussels to score chicks?". I was dumbfounded. Is this how you talk to the person you are (temporarily) sharing an office with? He could see I was - to say the least - startled and so gave a little explanation: some "mates" of his were coming to Brussels for a Stag-weekend starting that evening and expectations were (for some reason) high regarding "scoring" with women.

Thankfully Bill called at that moment and I was able to leave immediately. When I got back to the office, there was an email from Mockney telling me he was ill - this flu that is currently going round - and I should "cover his arse" if Pierre was looking for him. Mockney also thanked me for the tip concerning "scoring" tonight. I have no idea what he is talking about.

Tuesday 17 January 23.11

I did not get very far with yesterday's blog entry. I have a feeling the next week or two might be the same.

The problem is that as Bill's secretary I am involved in some small way with the choice of new office.

As Managing Partner here, Bill is involved in this decision. It seems every estate agent/realtor (or whatever the phrase is) in Brussels has heard we are moving in Brussels and try to contact us. Of course, I have the job of dealing with these people. Some are charming, others are just rude. But there are so many appointments to make and visits to organise. I do not know what the rush is for ...

Wednesday 18 January 22.59

Mockney called the office reception on Monday to say he is ill and that is the last anyone has seen or heard from him this week. Pierre is going crazy about the way people can take sick leave in this office. At my last office - where Pierre set the rules - after one day's illness you had to have a doctor's note. Maybe I am missing something, but there does not seem to be a clear policy here and so some people take sick leave whenever they want.

Thursday 19 January 22.43

More arranging of visits to offices. I was even asked to go to one today. It was interesting because the estate agent/realtor had been quite impatient on the phone, but because I was with this group of lawyers (and Pierre) he assumed I was someone important and treated me very well.

Apparently Mockney left a voicemail for Pierre last night saying he would not be in for the rest of the week. Pierre has asked me a few times this week if I know anything. Why would I know anything? I have only just started sharing an office with this guy.

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