Blog Week 19: Is work killing me?

Sunday 2 April 20.11

Work is really getting me down.

It is a bit strange given the weather was so good today (compared to the last few weeks).

I am really fed up with all the crap going on in the office. How can so many intelligent people end up making such bad decisions?

I feel too low to write anymore. Tomorrow is Monday ...

Monday 3 April 19.14

The office really has it in for me at the moment.

Not work. That I can cope with. But human relations. Or more precise human relationships.

The past few weeks, Mockney has been chasing after some temp secretary. She did not seem interested in him. Her contract here finished and she left. Mockney bumped into her last weekend and now they have a date.

He is walking round the office on a massive high.

Meanwhile I have share to an office with him as he tells me how wonderful everything is.

I feel so lonely.

Tuesday 4 April 20.23

I continue to feel miserable.

Mockney is still on a massive high about his forthcoming date. Watching him gives me such a sense of deja vu. How many times have I hoped and hoped, trying to suppress my rising expectation?

At lunchtime I went to the Coditel office today to pick up my digital box (or whatever it is called). The scene was chaos: too many customers, not enough staff, long waiting timed, everyone getting angry. There has to be a better way to organise things than that.

I returned to the office and then was told by Pierre I was urgently needed to help Brilliant with some archiving. It was ridiculous as there was so much other stuff to do. I tried to explain but he was not interested. So I spent most of the afternoon archiving. Bill returned from an outside meeting and got angry when he found out that Pierre had me archiving. So Pierre then got in trouble. I left working feeling like the office is going round in circles, no one is listening and I am lost.

I am missing the Apprentice on BBC 2 right now thanks to bloody Coditel. I'll probably watch De TopManager on VT4 later tonight. But frankly I am losing interest as, by comparison, the programme is so cheaply produced, the applicants generally lack business experience and the boss is only some Alan Sugar wannabe. I much prefer the real thing.

I promise to cheer up tomorrow.

Wednesday 5 April 20.40

Got up extra early this morning to pick up my digital box from Coditel. I was one of the first in the queue - so I did not have to wait too long. It was extremely cold waiting outside the Coditel office and shocking to see old people having to wait in such conditions. But I have spent too much time talking about Coditel recently.

The main thing is I can start watching the Apprentice again! Hurrah!

Last night's De TopManager was not bad; well at least it was a little bit interesting.

Mockney's big date did not go well. He looked so despondent. I tried to talk about other stuff - to take his mind of it - but he was just not interested. Perhaps there will be some details tomorrow.

Weirdo was stalking the corridors this afternoon in a loud conversation with herself. I wonder how long the partners and Pierre are going to let her behave like that. What would happen if a client saw her?

Thursday 6 April 19.17

Weirdo is getting weirder. Yesterday's loud conversation with herself in the corridor by today seemed more like an argument. I do not know if she is not well or is trying to get herself fired.

Mockney is miserable - still deflated after his date.

As for me, Pierre asked/told me to do some admin in Bill's absence this afternoon. At least it was not archiving.

If work is not killing me, it certainly is boring me. I am fighting a really negative feeling at the moment; what am I doing with my life? Is working here as good as it gets?

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