Blog Week 28: Is everyone sitting comfortably?

Monday 5 June 23.49

The office move has gone surprisingly smoothly. Tomorrow nearly all of us start working in the new building. Sounds strange, but I am not sure where I will be sitting. The office plan has been revised so many times recently to make different people happy/less unhappy. Each seating adjustment then requires another adjustment (and so on). I have not been able to keep up with which "final" version of the seating is the settled, definitive office plan.

Tuesday 6 June 23.46

The whole office gathered in the main conference room this morning. Johan - our other Managing Partner - made a long, boring speech. First he thanked Pierre for organising the move. Pierre got a round of applause and smiled weakly back. I do not think he was being modest; he was exhausted (haggard eyes, wrinkled forehead). He really needs a holiday. Johan's speech then continued with the "we all have to work together" to make the new firm work, blah blah, etc etc.

After a few minutes I looked around the room - pretty much everyone had zoned out. I wondered where everyones' thoughts really were, where would they really rather be? Why do we have to go through these pointless office routines of someone giving a speech because they have to, to people that are listening because they have to. Some many times no one wants to do what they have to do. Is this the natural pattern of office life?

Small revisions were still being made to the office plan today. Turns out I will be temporarily sitting near Mal, another secretary I mentioned a while ago. She is fun (reminds me of Jo) and so I could have done a lot worse.

Also temporarily Mockney and Barbie are sharing an office. Mockney is over-the-moon, but trying to be cool and not to show his excitement too much.

Before leaving work I got an email from Pierre asking me to see him tomorrow. Not sure what to expect.

Wednesday 7 June 23.57

In view of my hard work during the move, Pierre has offered to make me his assistant. I'll still do some secretarial work but also a lot more administration too. The role means a pay rise - sort of. Anyone working in Belgium will know what I mean. I have until the end of the week to decide whether I'll take it or not.

Mockney took time out from chasing Barbie to come and see me this afternoon. He loudly announced I would be "radio rental" (mental) not to take the new position. This offer was supposed to be confidential. So how on earth did Mockney know? When I quietly asked him, he froze for a moment and then said "Oh yeah I forgot ..." and quickly walked away. I wonder: is there ever any confidential office communication that he does not know about?

More generally it seems there is a reorganisation going on around the office. I wonder if there has been a plan to wait until the move itself was out of the way and then to start changing people's functions. There are a few places where there is more than a little duplication going on...

Friday 9 June 01.02

I am no longer a "float" secretary. Yesterday I told Pierre I accept the new position. (No need to wait till today). My new title is Administrative Director's Assistant. Does it sound like I am moving up in the world?

Finally, with some summer-like weather, headed to Place du Lux this evening. As expected, was totally packed-out.

With a new job (sort of) and better weather (for how long?) it feels like things are looking up.


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