Blog Week 27: Office move, office lose.

Sunday 28 May 21.53

Going into work on Friday was not too bad. The stuff of Shakespeare and Goldilocks was moved into the new office by the end of the day and they were satisfied.

We are all hoping their super-sensitive matter does not kick-off this week. Brilliant (office services), Mockney and I are solely dealing with the office relocation and things are going to be stretched. Pierre, especially, is hoping things remain quiet around the office. I get the impression the partners have no idea about the work involved in the relocation. Just wave a magic wand and it all magically happens ...

Monday 29 May 22.31

The office movers are incredibly efficient. The speed and amount of stuff shifted is amazing. But as so much office stuff gets shifted around Brussels each month probably it is not so surprising.

Tuesday 30 May 23.21

Unseasonally cold weather today. Mockney was calling it "brass monkey's". No idea what he was talking about. Probably better not to find out...

Weirdo was throwing a tantrum today about the move. Pierre had to calm her down. I have no idea where he gets the patience from. The woman is crazy.

Wednesday 31 May 23.12

Long day today. Am so tired (or "cream-crackered" as Mockney puts it) and its only Wednesday. Had to deal with so many moving issues. Feel exhausted. Who needs the gym?

Thursday 1 June 23.17

Bill and Johan - the two joint managing partners of the new Brussels office - and some visiting partners came to check on progress today. They seemed really satisfied; Pierre was congratulated on the way things have gone. Then - as I happened to be around - they congratulated me! Both managing partners said my work had not gone unnoticed. Not sure exactly what that meant, but it felt great to get some recognition.

As next Monday is a public holiday (yeah that's right another one), we are going to have work like mad tomorrow to get stuff done. Pierre no doubt will be around next Monday, working himself to death.

Saturday 3 June 00.21

Exhausting day. We got pretty much everything done that we had to - what a relief.

Got to go now, there is some partying to do this weekend...

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