Blog Week 26: The calm before the storm.

Sunday 21 May 22.36

A revised office plan for the new building was circulated late on Friday afternoon. I will no longer be sharing an office with Mockney. Shame really, I have gotten used to him. Plus he always knows what is going on around the office.

Initially and temporarily, Mockney and Weirdo will be sharing an office. Whoever put this office plan together is asking for trouble.

Last night was great fun: I attended a Eurovision party at a friend's house. In Brussels - the heart of Europe - these parties are always popular. Was fantastic to see Lordi, the Finnish entry win; the outfits, masks and fireworks made it all something different from the usual Europop. If only the office could be as colourful as that ...

Monday 22 May 23.39

Weirdo has refused to share an office with Mockney. Pierre - who is masterminding the whole move - does not have the will or the strength to deal with her. He has promised to revise the list asap just to get her out of the way.

Last week's dawn raids by the Commission continue to cause a bit of urgent work for some people. Pierre is making sure I do not get sucked into helping them. Just as well, given what we have to get ready for next week's move.

Tuesday 23 May 23.28

Mockney spends each day looking for excuses to chat up Barbie. She still does not mind the attention.

Goldilocks and Shakespeare are working on one particularly sensitive matter at the moment. They are hoping (or more accurately praying) it does not go-live next week during the office move.

Wednesday 24 May 23.49

A number of boxes were sent over to the new offices today. Otherwise things were fairly quiet. Perhaps the calm before the storm ...

Pierre has warned that next week will be an exhausting week. As tomorrow is a public holiday (yeah another one), Pierre said I can have Friday off too as compensation for next week's longer hours.

Thursday 25 May 10.43

Until about half an hour ago I was recovering from last night's partying. Then I got a call from Pierre. He sounded really stressed.

Goldilocks and Shakespeare are causing his stress, as they are stressed that their super-sensitive matter is going to "blow-up" next week. They insist they have to be properly working in the new office on Monday morning. So I am needed tomorrow.

I agreed to go in. Pierre said he would not forget my help. I feel sorry for him, there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders at the moment. I should be glad I am not needed today ...


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