Blog Week 25: Lex, thighs and cellotape.

Sunday 14 May 17.06

Have you ever seen the episode of BBC 2's "The Office" where there is an argument/feud over who owns a particular stapler? The stapler ends up in some jelly and gets thrown out of the building.

My office bears little rememblance to "The Office" - unsurprisingly a paper merchant in Slough and a law office in Brussels do not have that much in common. But from time-to-time life has a strange habit of imitating art.

Last Friday, Weirdo accused Mockney of having "stolen" her cellotape; after some searching it was discovered in her handbag and she had to apologise to Mockney. But before that miraculous discovery (and to cut a long and petty story short) Pierre had to intervene to assure Weirdo that Mockney had gone no where near her cellotape and to inform her that her threats of (unspecified) "retribution" were uncalled for. There is so much to deal with right now (like the office move) and Pierre has to deal with nonsense like keeping Weirdo in line.

This got me thinking - do offices change people's personalities. Did Weirdo join many years ago as a normal person and the years of frustration and boredom have made her a bit crazy? If so, I better get out soon ...

Monday 15 May 21.21

I mentioned escaping yesterday and it got me thinking about how many people have left since I arrived here. (In no particular order) Rodney, Cherie, 3 Beards, Lisa, Spock, and Yoda have all departed. Jo is not coming back - but that is because she wants to look after baby Chris.

Is it frightening just how many people have left in such a short time period?  I am not sure.

What could be the cause? The atmosphere in this office is pretty harmonious (certainly compared to the other office we are merging with) and I am far too insignificant for my arrival to be a factor. Perhaps the merger is the unspoken factor?

Tuesday 16 May 21.06

In my role as "float" I am all around the office at the moment. Working for different lawyers on different things; a bit of a Form Co here, an Environmental conference speech there, Single Market litigation submission for someone else.

I had to go and see my former boss, Bill, late morning. Halfway through our talk his new secretary, Barbie, came into his office, fluttered her eyelashes and announced she had to leave for her thigh appointment.

Bill smiled and wished her well.

What is going on? In the limited time I was Bill's secretary I never mentioned any parts of body to him. Barbie has hardly been here 5 minutes and she is already talking to him about her thighs. I know it sounds childish, but part of me feels a bit jealous that she has already struck up a deeper relationship with my former boss than I ever did.

Needless to say know-it-all Mockney knew about Barbie's thigh appointment too. He has been finding excuses to talk to Barbie ever since she arrived. Clearly she is someone that enjoys attention.

Wednesday 17 May 23.51

Today I was supposed to stop "floating" and to start my relocation "liaisng". (I still have a bad feeling about this "liaison" role). But as some lawyers got a sudden call to help a client in the middle of a dawn raid, I spent most of day assisting them. 

This evening I went with Mockney and some others to watch the Champions League final in a sports bar. There was a good mixture of Arsenal and Barcelona supporters and it was an interesting game; am definitely looking forward to the World Cup.

Thursday 18 May 19.09

Today I finally became relocation liasion and it was also my first opportunity to see the new offices. They look really good: very modern with a crisp corporate feel and great views. All the arguments, I mean discussions, about the new offices have actually produced a better-than-expected result.

Pierre organised a meeting for those of us involved in organising the upcoming office relocation. The other office has a "liaison" person too; he seemed relaxed about the relocation. So laid-back he was horizontal. Maybe I am worrying without any reason.

Pierre told us that once we finally move, over new office is going to be one of the largest international law offices in Brussels. Sounds silly but I had no idea. Pierre looked a little on edge as he told us. Perhaps once we have all moved, then the real work begins ...


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