Blog Week 24: Dangerous liasions.

Sunday 7 May 20.54

On Friday we were finally given a moving date for the upcoming office relocation.

Pierre told me - in view of my organisational skills - I will have a soon-to-be-specified liasion role in the relocation. Of course there is no pay increase or anything like that. Just extra responsiblity. It is nice to be appreciated, I guess ...

A firm-wide email came round in the afternoon simply saying that the various outside consultants would no longer be involved in the merger. No reason was given. Wonder what has happened?

Monday 8 May 22.04

Mockney was back in the office today. The first thing he said was how he could not believe how much money the firm had "pissed up the wall" on consultancy fees.

Almost immediately he then had to head off to "firefight" some tech problem somewhere. So I did not find out anything more about the fees.

But I had the impression Mockney knows the actual amounts of the money involved.

How come Mockney is so well informed? As the IT guy is he reading everyone's emails? Certainly he always seems well-informed about everything that is going on around the office...

Tuesday 9 May 22.53

Today Pierre told me my role will be "Relocation Liaison" in the upcoming move. He said I will have a trouble-shooter type role, but gave no detail.

It all still sounds pretty vague to me. I think I will be doing a lot of running around. And when things go wrong (as they inevitably will) fingers will be pointing in my direction ...

Wednesday 10 May 23.46

This week I have been "floating" - a bit of work for Shakespeare here, Goldilocks there. The variety of work makes things a little more interesting than usual.

Bill and Barbie seem to be getting on well. Certainly she spends more time in his office than I ever did.

Thursday 11 May 22.54

Became Pierre's secretary today. Lucky me. He seems increasingly tired due to the stresses and strains of being the office manager of not one but two offices. He does not moan or complain about this situation (at least not when I am around), but he looks more exhausted each week. Or "cream-crackered" (knackered) as Mockney would put it.

I thought he would be on a high after the dismissal of the consultants earlier this week. But I have the impression it just means more work for him.


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