Blog Week 62: The premise of the premises.

Sunday 28 January 23.01

I had to stay late on Friday. I mentioned the week before last about the wild wind and how the top levels of the building were shaking. Well... as a precaution some inspectors came to examine one part of the premises. So as not to arouse any alarm, the inspection took place on Friday early evening when most support staff had left. I had to show them around/keep an eye on them. Luckily the inspection did not last too long.

When the new office was being chosen last year no one really focused on the safety of the office. The Estate Agent showed the relevant safety certificates and made assurances about the foundations etc. But no questions were asked. What could anyone say? The partners are not surveyors. And everyone was too mesmerised by the great views.

Monday 29 January 23.21

Laurel & Hardy was back today. He told me some personal stuff had kept him away. Sounded dubious to me. But it's not my concern.

Old Timer is having a problem with his replacement for Brilliant (former office services guy). Old Timer wants to replace the replacement. Seems a bit premature. After all law firms are strange places to adapt to. How long does it take to adapt to these particular surroundings?

Wednesday 31 January 23.28

I heard Shakespeare arguing with another associate this afternoon. He is not the argumentative type. She very much is.

With the general quietness/silence of our office public arguments are heard far and wide. Either they attract or repel an audience. No one seemed bothered about this one. Maybe they had heard it all before?


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