Blog Week 69: Alpha mail.

Sunday 18 March 23.08

Anthropologists refer to the "alpha" male - the top man in any group. Well amongst our female associates, the role of "top dog" (or should that be "top bitch"?) is pretty clear-cut. She was the one arguing with Shakespeare (should have tied up that loose end).

She is either aggressive or pushy or gets things done. It just depends on your perspective. The partners love her because she gets things done. The other associates, trainees, referendars etc don't like her because she is aggressive. She is prepared to kill, so to speak, on her way to the top.

The associate in question is known in some parts of the office as Hairy Potter. The name is a bit catty: partly due to her Harry Potter style glasses, but also because she once didn't shave her legs for a while. Actually the nickname is less catty, more bitchy. And a bit silly.

Sunday 18 March 23.47

Laurel & Hardy has gone and shouldn't be returning. Not due to last Thursday's incident - but because Pierre is coming back at the start of next week. Pierre has had around 3 months to recover. But does he know what he is coming back to?

Monday 19 March 23.29

As I left the building this evening, I saw Laurel & Hardy jumping out of a taxi and then rush into our office. He didn't see me. Something interesting to find out tomorrow.

Tuesday 20 March 22.58

Received some advice from Old Timer this morning. The volcanic "to do" list that has been exponentially growing in Laurel & Hardy's inbox has finally erupted, albeit in a small way and L&H is now panicking. Appartently I should now watch my back.

Somehow I am going to get involved into the consequences of L&H's constant absences and general inactivity. I am the kind of person who tries to avoid confrontation, but I need to prepare for this one.

Wednesday 21 March 23.41

L&H asked me to help with some alpha mail issues. What the hell is alpha mail? He seemed so on edge that I thought it wisest to let him talk. From what I could work out it is simply urgent email to be dealt with asap. And there is a lot of it right now.

Thursday 22 March 23.58

Today the mini-eruption turned into a larger explosion.

About a week ago Bill asked L&H to deal with an urgent matter. Nothing since then and Bill's patience had run out. He was so angry when he found out today it was not done.

Suddenly they both appear by my desk. L&H made a point of loudly saying, in a haughty sort of way, that I had been tasked to deal with Bill's request. As I said, I am not the type to get into arguments; but this was too much.

I couldn't control myself: I pointed out that I had only asked to deal with it yesterday. Before then I knew nothing about it. I said it as pointedly and politely as I could.

Bill turned to L&H and asked if that was true. L&H's face contorted. I watched as he squirmed - thinking about what to say and realising he would do best to say nothing. They departed with Bill giving me a reassuring wink.


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