Blog Week 72: Why does IT matter?

Monday 9 April 23.55

Generally great weather this Easter break. Spent a romantic few days in Germany. Returning to the office tomorrow. Expect things will be quiet this week. Guess only those of us without kids will be around.

Tuesday 10 April 23.36

Went for lunch with Mockney today. First time we had really spoken for a while.

I am surprised to put Mockney and the word "crisis" in the same sentence, but he was having a bit of a crisis. Usually he is a vibrant presence in the office; but today he was more subdued.

Mockney now has a girlfriend, and she has a friend. The cause of Mockney's apparent soul-searching is said girlfriend's friend has an equivalent IT position at another law firm. That law firm is looking to innovate all its IT systems and said friend is researching and proposing the strategic direction to take.

By contrast Mockney mainly spends his time fire-fighting (dealing with corrupt files, viruses etc). So when everything IT-related runs smoothly he gets no credit as he is just doing his job and when things occasionally go wrong he is implicitly blamed. He did not mind that so much. What bothered him was the lack of innovation. Whatever the firm's IT providers send/upgrade/give the firm largely swallows whole, implements without thinking (too much).

Reading between the lines Mockney is a bit jealous of the opportunity said girlfriend's friend has. Maybe I'll say something to someone.

Thursday 12 April 23.59

Mentioned Mockney's situation to Old Timer today. Old Timer winked and said there is more to this story than meets the eye. Wasn't anytime to explain today, so he'll tell me tomorrow.

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