Bruesseler Runde

Bruesseler Runde is a forum for German lawyers in Brussels. Brussels Legal asked Bruesseler Runde's organiser, Susanne Zuehlke, an associate at Latham & Watkins, about the organisation.

BL: What is Bruesseler Runde?

SZ: Bruesseler Runde was founded more than 15 years ago. It is a forum of German lawyers in Brussels who work in the EU institutions, other international organisations, trade associations, companies and law firms.

The group meets three to four times a year for a casual dinner and exchange of ideas and information. We generally meet in one of the many wonderful Brussels restaurants, from time to time we have a speaker on a topic, such as an EU Member of Parliament on the EU Constitution, and in August the Bruesseler Runde normally goes Go-Karting (drivers and spectators are equally welcome). I am open to suggestions and very grateful for new ideas.

BL: Who can participate?

SZ: The forum really is open to everyone (you do not actually have to be German or a lawyer to participate). But the events are German-speaking so that capability is, at the very least, helpful!

BL: What is the cost to join and who should someone contact for more information?

SZ: As an informal group there is no cost to join as such. The only cost comes with the meal we have when we meet.

Anyone interested in more information should contact me:

Author: Brussels Legal
Date: 9 May 2007
Source: Brussels Legal/Brussels Newcomer/Useful Organisations

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