Blog Week 86: Spectator sports.

Monday 16 July 00.06

Finally a proper, hot sunny day during this supposed summer. We (my partner and I) were at the beach. Sun-beds are ok, but I much prefer getting my tan the natural way. People watching is fun. But not as much as in the office!

Monday 16 July 23.28

Some weeks ago I talked about some changes to our IT systems. Apparently the firm was thinking about being quite innovative, for once, and looking at some alternatives to our existing system. Partly because these alternatives are superior, but most importantly because they are cheaper to what we currently use. Mockney was happy that a review was taking place, but not-so-happy it was outsider consultants doing it.

Well some type of preliminary report has been made and, as Mockney puts it the office "forces of resistance" have kicked in. These forces partly reside within the IT department and from some non-techie partners. This unholy alliance looks all-powerful. The non-techie partners just like showing who is boss. The IT department luddites (is that an oxymoron?) are questioning the security of the new systems. Mockney says that issue is a smokescreen as the free systems are more secure and virtually no system is 100% secure. He feels low. Office politics has kicked in and he is watching from the sidelines. As always.

Tuesday 17 July 23.23

At lunchtime I caught a glimpse of Hairy and her ex again. I was walking past a restaurant (somewhere far too expensive for my meagre luncheon vouchers) and there they were by the window, laughing like lovers and looking each other in the eye.

Lunchtime is a strange time, when people are less on guard. You know how it is: travelling to the office in the morning, all dressed up in your work clothes - like armour - ready to do battle. The morning passes and then you leave to get a sandwich or go shopping; remaining in work armour, but feeling a bit more relaxed. Then returning to the office, getting back into battle mode.

These lunchtime glimpses of Hairy reveal another person. Less about armour, more about amour. In the office she is no-nonsense, I-will-do-everything-to-become-a-partner and yet there is another person buried away.


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