Blog Week 88: Deadly deadlines.

Monday 30 July 00.22

My boyfriend surprised me on Thursday he arranged for us to have a romantic weekend to Madrid. As usual it was fabulous - particularly the weather. I felt so pale, even with all my sun bed sessions. Just arrived back in Brussels and it feels so damn cold.

Before leaving on Friday afternoon a Commission information request arrived for Shakespeare and his crew. It was to do with the matter they were working on prior to the retreat in the US (the one with Brussels very-own three stooges lawyers representing the other party).

Mockney knows a surprising amount about the ins-and-outs of this matter. He told me the Commission case team had its own internal deadlines, various people having to sign off the information request. So the document had been sent out late on Friday evening, to coincide with certain case team members' holidays. He asked rhetorically: how much work this time of year is organised on the basis of Commission officials' holidays? I think Mockney has been talking to Shakespeare.

Luckily the two more senior pains-in-the-ass lawyers on the other side are also both on holiday. So they have graciously agreed to let our people take the lead with the information request. Shakespeare wants to make the most of this opportunity before those muppets return from holiday next week. So he has set some internal deadlines for our people. Just have to hope the clients' people are available and willing to oblige.

Tuesday 31 July 23.39

Shakespeare's team are having some initial success. All the clients have been very helpful. Turns out the other party's people don't like their lawyers either. In a bizarre way the other party's lawyers have a beneficial effect, focusing efforts. Everyone hopes that as much as possible can be done in their holiday absence.

Wednesday 1 August 23.29

Old Timer gave me half an update on the various offices' cost-cutting proposals. Overall the proposals have not been a success. Some other offices have been complaining about the timing of the deadline (it is the holidays wherever you are in the world) and so have not made much of an effort.  Things are going to get interesting after the holidays.


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