Blog Week 94: Evaluating times.

Sunday 9 September 22.16

My evaluation on Friday was mostly positive. A position like mine is not the easiest to assess. But there are some things to work on. I'll talk about it another time. I start sitting in on other staff evaluations tomorrow with Pierre and Old Timer. Mine is simply a note-taking capacity.

Monday 10 September 23.20

No one is going to get fired as a result of these evaluations (well not immediately...). But the issue of cost-cutting lies submerged, barely-visible. Like a crocodile patiently waiting.

I was sitting in on some evaluations today. Old Timer's law of thirds becomes very visible at this time of year. We all know certain people are no longer motivated or competent. Yet throughout the year it is reluctantly accepted and everyone else muddles on around them. But already, after sitting in on one particular evaluation this afternoon, my acceptance slipped away and I left feeling quite pissed off.

Tuesday 11 September 23.14

More evaluations today. Pierre and Old Timer have got everything worked out like a factory system. Staff come in and out. It gets tiring and I am not even doing anything much.

Wednesday 12 September 23.54

Was able to avoid sitting in on a couple of evaluations today. Quite a relief really, given how repetitive they get.


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