Blog Week 104: Billing Bill's bills.

Sunday 18 November 23.07

Well the announcement of Bill's departure is made tomorrow. Let's see what the reaction will be like...

Monday 19 November 22.31

Reaction around the office varied from faux-indifference (Weirdo) to panic (Paranoid). Mockney immediately came looking for information. He presumed I did not know anything more than everyone else and simply wanted my "immediate" reaction. I feigned nonchalance about the whole thing and so he went to find someone more interesting to talk to. Mockney is like the office grapevine and it is great to see some matters fly under his radarscreen.

Bill's bimbo secretary Barbie was not around last week or today, so I could not gauge her reaction. I guess not only must she know, but she must be leaving with him - right? That also brings up another interesting matter. Some partners departed after the merger. That was amicable but this time it might well be different. Will Bill take any other lawyers with him? If so who?

Tuesday 20 November 23.08

There is actually quite a worrying aspect to this whole matter. I've seen who bills what in the office and Bill's bills/invoices were always amongst the highest (impressive given he was the managing partner). I remember overhearing a conversation between Pierre and Old Timer one time and they thought some of the low-billing partners would be asked to leave. Now instead one of the highest billers is leaving.

Wednesday 21 November 23.04

Well I did not have to wait too long before receiving Old Timer's analysis of this matter. "No law firm partnership is ever a true partnership; it is simply a coincidence of interests. Partners will tolerate colleagues they do not like until those interests stop coinciding."

I just looked vacantly back at him. Recently, when he starts declaring how the world works, I find myself tuning out. I try to look interested but I just cannot fake it.

No news yet about which (if any) lawyers will be leaving. Although no one is showing it, a lot of people are concerned by Bill's departure.


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