Blog Week 110: Holiday stress.

Sunday 30 December 19.36

Got back early today but my boyfriend had already arrived back. What a wonderful surprise!

Seeing family was enjoyable and the break was refreshing but it feels great to be here again. People I grew up with find it strange I live in Brussels; they don't understand the attraction. To outsiders the city's charm is lost in the shadow of the eurocracy. And at times I find it hard to explain the allure. I think they see me as a bit quaint.

Monday 31 December 17.05

No fireworks display in Brussels ce soir. Cancelled due to this damn security scare. But some friends are now throwing a small party. Not many people back, so it should be quite intimate. Whatever you are doing this evening, have fun.

Wednesday 2 January 23.12

I was back in the office today and things were quiet. Many people are arriving back on Monday (including my boss, Pierre, and Old Timer).

The main exception to this first-week-of-January calm were a few lawyers dealing with a particular matter: a present from the Commission that had arrived just in time for Christmas (SO thoughtful). I didn't have the impression this gift had spoilt anyone's holidays. Probably to the contrary it was helpful as the monthly billing could be strengthened for the fin d'annee. These lawyers always make their work look so effortless - I probably would not know if they were stressed out unless they told me.

Thursday 3 January 22.59

Another quiet day. Neanderthal was stalking about in the afternoon. He walked past me in the corridor smiling. At first I thought maybe something was going on. But then I realised he was probably in to the office to avoid his kids. The holidays can be so stressful.


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