Blog Week 119: Uncollegial collegiality.

Sunday 2 March 22.08

Good things do happen to our office. There was an impromptu celebration on Friday afternoon. Thursday's pitch with Shakespeare and Highly Paid-Nobody went really, really well. When I first heard that news the cynic in me thought it was Shakespeare trying to make out he was the main man and HPN trying to justify his continued existence in the office. But no it was true. Honest. The client liked them so much that it has instructed them on a separate matter (not the actual matter they were pitching for - as that has yet to be decided - but something else). Nonetheless it was great because it was so unexpected.

The atmosphere at the celebration was joyous. Strange to use a word like that. In fact over-joyous might be better (if such a word exists) because after a while it all got a bit wearisome. Outsiders can only join in so much with the back-slapping and general bonhomie. As the testosterone levels rose I became worried if I stayed any longer I might grow a penis. So I quietly left.  I am sure no one noticed.

Neanderthal was not there as he was still visiting his client. I wonder how he will react to the good news?

Monday 3 March 22.54

What goes up must come down. Neanderthal is back and today he was not "over the moon" about the success of the last pitch. Old Timer told me Neanderthal was claiming to have laid most of the groundwork of the success in advance. For the moment Shakespeare and HPN are blissfully unaware. Which makes me wonder how OT knows...

Tuesday 4 March 23.03

Shakespeare suspects what is going and is quietly fuming. At the end of the day it does not make that much difference. Does it?

Again it was Old Timer who told me. Women are supposed to be the ones who gossip. But he loves it more than most. If people like OT and Mockney did not feel the need to brag then I would not know most of the interesting stuff going on around here. It is disconcerting to feel so disconnected.

Wednesday 5 March 21.53

Highly Paid Nobody remains blissfully unaware of Neanderthal's shenanigans. I saw them laughing in the corridor together earlier today. Unlike Shakespeare, HPN has a lot less at stake and is not concerned about some of the shine on the recent success being worn away by a jealous partner.

Thursday 6 March 21.56

I overheard Neanderthal telling Shakespeare he should have given a client some better advice. I only heard that snippet and didn't see Shakespeare's reaction. The tone of voice sounded normal and maybe the criticism was justified. I wondered if there was something else underlying the words. I only ever see a small part of the picture so I'll not rush to judgment. But you can.

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