Blog Week 116: The "spy" who bugged me.

Sunday 10 February 20.35

One of the peculiarities of this client-losing situation is that I suspect we may have a spy in our midst. It was never official, but everyone knew (or at least suspected) that Bill and his secretary Barbie were having an affair. Now Bill has left and Barbie has stayed as a "float" secretary. She is actually being quite low-profile around the office; sort of avoiding everyone and covering herself up a bit more. Maybe it is a ruse - like she is Bill's "bug", his eyes and ears in the office. No one else has said anything about this situation though.

Monday 11 February 23.02

After last night's blog post I came across Barbie this morning. As a "float" secretary she is all around the office these days. I noticed she is losing her figure a bit. It is not like her to let herself go. I feel a bit guilty but that did make me feel a bit better. I suppose it is natural to compare myself against the most conventionally pretty one in the office.

Tuesday 12 February 21.26

Before I left ce soir I bumped into Shakespeare. He looked very frustrated. In fact a pitch today had not gone well. The office's current marketing double-act, Shakespeare and Neanderthal, had not practiced the pitch beforehand (Neanderthal had been unavailable). Inevitably the resulte was somewhat disjointed.

Shakespeare fumed: "It should have/could have been so much better. The start was ok and most of the delivery was only a little messy, but the Q&A was very muddled and the exit was a shambles: it was exit pursued by a bore!"

He said that last phrase with such an emphasis, like it had some particular meaning, and started laughing manically. I looked back totally lost. I mentioned it to my boyfriend a little while ago and he has just explained the reference to me. Apparently it is a joke based on a stage direction in the Winter's Tale; my boyfriend could not explain how he knew (but he did a Google search to prove it). I have decided I am too stupid to talk to the lawyers in our office, maybe even to my boyfriend... I better stick to Mockney and Barbie.

Wednesday 13 February 23.15

An announcement was made today that Barbie is going on maternity leave. That explains why she has been looking a bit evasive (and less shapely) recently. It also explains why she remained here and did not join Bill. Which office has to pay for and organise everthing arising from the maternity cover? Nice one. It all sort of bugs me. It should not but it is does.

Thursday 14 February 23.42

A romantic meal on Valentine's; a wonderful time, eliminating past negative anniversary memories. Maybe it is just the mood I am in but I have been catty towards Barbie this week. It says more about me than it does her.


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