Wolter Kymmell, former Belgian country representative of the Association of Corporate Counsel Europe

The Association of Corporate Counsel Europe is an association for in-house counsel. Brussels Legal asked Mr. Wolter Kymmell, the former Belgian country representative, more about the association and its activities.

BL: What is the Associate of Corporate Counsel Europe's background?

WK: ACC Europe is a chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel, the premier association for in-house counsel. Since its founding in 1982, the association has grown to more than 23,000 members in 75 countries who represent 10,177 organizations, with 48 Chapters and 14 Committees serving the membership. The Association's headquarters are in Washington DC and its members represent all of the Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies. Internationally, its members represent 42 of the Global 50 and 74 of the Global 100 companies.

BL: What does the ACCE do?

WK: As a professional association committed to serving the in-house legal community, ACC Europe pursues the following goals:

- Advocating excellence among in-house practitioners;
- Safeguarding the highest ethical standards governing the practice of law in a corporate setting;
- Fostering a sense of collegiality and interaction among members of the in-house legal community;
- Creating a forum for exchanging ideas.

In meeting these goals, ACC Europe delivers a mix of relevant services to the in-house legal community, including practical information, continuing legal education, and networking opportunities. The Association promotes the common interests of its members, contributes to their continuing legal education and seeks to improve the understanding of the role of in-house counsel. http://www.acce.com)

BL: Can you give recent examples of these types of activities?

WK: ACC Europe provides regular CPD/CLE programmes throughout the year, an Annual Conference, a Corporate Counsel University programme specifically created for counsel who are new to in-house and opportunities to meet other in-house counsel to share ideas and seek advice.

BL: How much does it cost to join the ACCE and where can someone interested in joining find out more information?

WK: The yearly membership is USD 260.00 and it can be completed online. For additional information please go to www.acce.com or contact: membership@acc.com or +, ext.360.

BL: Thank you and good luck.

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