Blog Week 136: Il tempo di dire addio.

Sunday 29 June 23.48

So that's it: Euro all over. Spain were worthy winners. Our very own Spanish mafia in the office will be very happy. What a great tournament. It's not the only thing coming to an end.

Monday 30 June 23.52

To begin at the beginning (always a good place to start) I said a few weeks ago that something romantic had happened while visiting Rome. My boyfriend proposed to me! He is leaving Brussels and now I will be moving with him (as I said yes of course!). I am so excited.

And so it is also the end of my blog.

I feel a bit sad and so forgive my sentimentality. I've reread some of the earlier blog posts and know this blog could have been so much better. I never gave justice to the nuances that make a law firm in Brussels what it is. The unspoken atmosphere of sneers, jeers, fears; the intangible cause and unintended effects swirling around our office. Things an outsider would never understand (no matter how hard they try). The picture I have painted should have been more subtle and so much has been left unsaid. The cast of characters could have been longer. I never named names (probably a good thing).

I would like to say that one day I'll do it all again but better. But I know it is best not to make such promises. Maybe that is just how things are/life is when something comes to an end?

We won't ever know each other, particularly as so many of you are based outside Belgium. It has been a surprise how you have continued to read the blog and I have sometimes wondered why. Either it must have been sufficiently interesting to come back for more or there are times most days when we all feel bored and need a little light relief...

I know there are no "happy ever afters" in life, just new beginnings. But when I look back when I started and now when I am finishing I realise there is always hope. God that sounds sentimental.

Anyway thank you for reading my blog all this time.

Best wishes.


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