Brulex is a football league organised between law firms in Brussels. Thibaut D'hulst, President of the Brulex Organising Committee, keeps Brussels Legal updated with the latest Brulex results.

Brulex has two components:

  1. A 5-a-side indoor Brulex Winter League, divided into the Brulex Premier League and the Brulex Second League.  The winter league runs from September to June, comprising 16 indoor games a year. The matches are played on a more or less fortnightly basis.
  2. A 6-a-side outdoor Brulex Summer Cup, which is a one-day event in June.  The Brulex Summer Cup comprises 4 to 6 outdoor games of 30 minutes each, all to be played on the same day, usually the second Saturday of June.

For further information about Brulex contact Thibaut D'hulst at:

Brulex Winter League 2013-2014 - Results and Rankings after 2 Game

Results and Rankings after 2 games


Brulex 2013/2014 Calendar

Calendar for the new season of the Brulex football league.


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