International conference EU Antitrust: Hot Topics & Next Steps

Date: 17 January 2022

Time: 09:00

Duration: 2 days

Location: Faculty of Law, náměstí Curieových 7, 116 40 Staré Město, Praha 1, Czechia

Cost: On site with paper 120 EUR / On line with paper 50 EUR / On site without paper 70 EUR

Organiser: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law

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The focus of the conference will be on:

  1. Impact of digitisation, globalisation, pandemics and other major trends and developments on EU antitrust, its goals, doctrine, ties to other policies and areas of law, theories of harm, key definitions etc.;
  2. Adaptation of existing EU antitrust rules, adoption of new tools, standards and methods to cope with current challenges;
  3. Efficiency of antitrust enforcement, role and powers of competition authorities and courts at EU and national levels, protection of fundamental rights and principles of law.

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