Protection of Migrant Workers in Irregular Situation in Europe

Date: 13 June 2022

Time: 09:00

Duration: 1,5 days

Location: Online & Trier, Germany

Cost: € 590 (Discounts Available)

Organiser: ERA - Academy of European Law

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Although there is no accepted definition of migrant workers in irregular situation (e.g. persons moving outside regular migration channels (IOM), or not authorised to enter, stay or work in the country of destination (ILO), undocumented individuals), this group faces several human rights abuses in Europe.

This hybrid legal seminar will explore how these persons can exercise their human rights under EU law and the European Convention of Human Rights, especially in terms of access to justice and legal remedies available to them against exploitation and abuse from employers.

The seminar will further provide a forum for discussion to legal professionals on how to balance the relevant interests at stake in line with human rights standards.

Key topics

  • EU policy on undocumented migration;
  • EU Employers Sanctions Directive;
  • Access to justice and effective remedies;
  • Non-refoulement;
  • Racial and ethnic discrimination;
  • Slavery, servitude and forced labour;
  • Extradition, expulsion or deportation, statelessness and regularisation of legal status;
  • EU Victims’ Rights Directive;
  • Trafficking of human beings;
  • ECtHR and CJEU recent case law.

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