CompLaw: FDI Regimes & Foreign Subsidies Regulation

Date: 14 May 2024

Time: 8:40

Duration: 1 day

Location: Novotel Brussels City Centre, Brussels, Belgium

Cost: £ 1099 - £ 1499

Organiser: Informa Connect

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Review how the Foreign Subsidies Regulation and foreign direct investment regimes are working in practice to help you shape your M&A strategy and ensure you stay compliant.

Practical guidance to help you navigate Foreign Subsidies Regulation and FDI regimes:

Foreign Direct Investment Regimes

During the morning, our speakers will examine the latest developments in foreign direct investment regimes, including: 

  • EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening Mechanism, including Proposals for Reform;
  • Review of Key Features of National FDI Regimes in Europe;
  • Outbound Investment and Technology Transfer: Beyond Wassenaar.

Foreign Subsidies Regulation

Join 3 sessions focusing specifically on how Foreign Subsidies Regulation is working in practice:

  • Foreign Subsidies Regulation in Practice;
  • Foreign Subsidies Regulation: Public Procurement Considerations;
  • Foreign Subsidies Regulation: What are the Challenges for Funds?

Managing Multijurisdictional Transactions

Analyse the practical implications of current regulations on M&A activity for global companies, including: 

  • A Look to the US: Update on CFIUS;
  • Managing Multijurisdictional Transactions: FDI, FSR & Merger Control Considerations;
  • Current Geopolitical, Investment & Regulatory Landscape.

Practical Perspectives, from Every Angle

Hear practical perspectives from all stakeholders engaged in FDI and FSR, including: 

  • Policy Decision Makers and Regulators;
  • In-House Counsel from Multinational Corporates;
  • Investors;
  • Private Practice Lawyers and Barristers;
  • Economists.

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