Blog Week 52: No conferring.

Sunday 19 November 23.45

Paranoid's friend was totally unsuitable. He openly admitted he only applied for the job to show he was making an effort to find work to keep his welfare money. What a waste of time. This recruitment started in Old Timer's absence and Old Timer seems unhappy Pierre is trying to do it on the cheap.

Monday 20 November 22.05

Pierre agreed to Old Timer taking over the recruitment of Brilliant's replacement.  I wonder if Old Timer has been biding his time on this issue?  Old Timer says he'll have someone lined up by the middle of next week.  He sounded confident - but he always does.

Tuesday 21 November 23.52

Had a longish chat with Shakespeare for the first time in a while. He attended a conference yesterday. It was useful. After lunch the person sitting next to him started to doze off. That was ok until the snoring started. One by one everyone in the conference room looked in Shakespeare's direction. Suddenly sleeping beauty woke up and got quite a shock as a hundred people were staring back.

Wednesday 22 November 23.24

Apart from sleeping beauty, Shakespeare's conference also featured an extremely heated debate between a Commission official and an official from a Member State authority.

Apparently such an occurrence is most unusual, as when confrontations do blow up the protagonists are normally either:
- law firms/companies v. the Commission or
- the Commission v. the US authorities or
- the Commission v. the ECJ/CFI or
- one law firm/company v. another law firm/company.

Shakespeare said he overhead the conference organisers talking afterwards. They seemed pleased with the bust-up: the topic under discussion was quite dull and so the confrontation actually livened things up a bit. Shakespeare said they were congratulating themselves on the decision to turn the heat up in the conference room.

I could not tell if he was joking or not.

Friday 24 November 19.13

The anniversary week - I think - of the blog.  Looking back at my rules, have sort of kept to them.  Probably a few too many references to the weather.  But the blog has not become a Brussels version of Bridget Jones' diary.  Have a good weekend!

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