Blog Week 51: Who gives a fax?

Sunday 12 November 23.15

Weirdo was moaning on Friday about the upcoming disposal of the fax machines.  No idea what her attachment is to them.  When I suggested why she does not use email like everyone else, she looked at me like I was the one who had beamed in from another planet.  She said she would take the matter up with Pierre. I smiled and told her that was a wonderful idea.

He is very patient with her.  I can never work out why.

Monday 13 November 22.11

An email today confirmed the Brochure committee (remember that?) has been terminated. Weirdo was walking around the office looking disppointed.  The email was signed by Johan only.

Tuesday 14 November 22.20

Old Timer was around - briefly.  He asked me if I noticed the recent emails (one signed by Bill only and the other only by Johan).  It was another pointed question left hanging in the air.

Something is going on and I am supposed to know about it.

Wednesday 15 November 23.28

Pierre was absent today, so I got to hear all the ongoing office complaints: Mal is unhappy about being a float secretary after her boss, Goldilocks, leaves; Weirdo is still complaining about the disposal of the fax machines.

Thursday 16 November 23.35

Our search for a replacement for Brilliant is getting desperate. Paranoid Android has recommended a friend and there is an interview. Expectations are not high.

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