Blog Week 50: Like a robot from 1984.

Sunday 5 November 22.09

Last few days were relaxing.  Always good to get away from the office.  Managed to get out of Brussels too -  somewhere a lot warmer. 

Monday 6 November 23.17

Friday evening's wine-and-cheese soiree was uneventful. The only mildy interesting news was that Goldilocks is leaving the office at the end of the year. Her and her fiancee, my former grumpy boss 3 Bears, are moving back to his home country. She has a job with a national regulator and he is becoming a partner in a local firm.

Mal, Goldilock's secretary, was surprised by the news. Their lawyer-secretary relationship was not close. As Pierre was not around today, she was asking me what her new role will be. As if I would know...

Tuesday 7 November 23.45

Pierre had a "quiet word" with Mockney this afternoon.

Recently Mockney had got into the habit of watching You Tube videos on his computer.  The office is supposed to block access to such sites but somehow Mockney disabled the firewall (or something technical like that).  He probably would have got away with it for a while longer but unexpectedly one of the partners came to find him yesterday.  As she walked in Mockney was body-popping to the Artic Monkeys' "I bet you look good on the dance floor".

I wonder if Mockney is a frustrated singer?  His recent antics on the karaoke stage suggest he might be.  Mockney promised not to break the rules again. Every other week he seems to have his tail between his legs.

Wednesday 8 November 23.54

Someone somewhere has calculated the office fax machines are a waste of time and money. Given the digital alternatives, maybe that makes some sense. But not everyone (clients, suppliers) is so up-to-date, right? Anyway a firm-wide policy was declared: all the fax machines will be collected and disposed by the end of the month.  The policy has basically come from nowhere. 

Pierre told me I am to "make it happen".  He sounds so false when he uses management cliches.
When I asked if the policy makes sense, he told me that didn't matter as it made "cents".  I forced a smile.

Thursday 9 November 23.57

An email today said the EU will no longer be the theme for the Christmas party.  Someone somewhere has become concerned (panicked?) that the theme will lend itself to national stereotyping.  Quelle surprise!  Now we all must dress like we would for any other Christmas party.

Oddly the email came from Bill only.  Usually it is signed by both Johan and him.

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