Blog Week 55: Keeping promises.

Sunday 10 December 21.32

Was at a Bond party last night - well the film has been all the rage over the past few weeks. Very glamorous; great chance to dress up! Able to recover this afternoon at the Brussels Christmas market. Sunny, crisp weather to make up for the recent incessant cold rain.

On Friday Pierre said he, Bill and Johan want to discuss something with me towards the end of the week. He said there had been "developments" but I shouldn't worry. He could not say anything more, so of course I am worrying.

Monday 11 December 23.31

A while ago a partner in a non-EU office made a "Martini Rossi" promise at a pitch about the firm's ability to respond to a particular client's worldwide needs. You know the type of promise: we can advise/appear/deliver/respond (delete as applicable) any time, any place, any where.

Well from today that promise is being tested - and some lawyers in the  Brussels and London offices are bearing the burden.  This client has instructed the firm to represent it - very last minute - in a matter with some Member States.  Everything has to be done before Christmas.  There is a lot to do and the Brussels lawyers involved are already really busy dealing with other stuff. 

The partner (who made the promise) made a couple of anxious conference calls to the relevant Brussels and London lawyers this afternoon. Sounds like he wanted to help, but somehow (for some reason) he made a light-hearted remark about "Europe mustn't let us down".  That comment was not well-received.

Tuesday 12 December 22.32

Bill found out about the reaction to the "Europe mustn't let us down" remark and was immediately assuaged the relevant people.  He really is a smooth operator. Many partners are, but him especially.  And especially with other partners and counsel.  He worked his charm (promising he would step in if there were any more problems) and all was well.

According to Mockney the London lawyers remain unhappy.  They have worked with this particular partner before and there is "previous".

I had no idea what Mockney meant.  Since his "friendships" at the Christmas party, Mockney is going back to using strange English again. My confusion was clear to him.  Apparently "previous" refers to past actions or conduct.  Did you know that?  Mockney recommended I start watching Eastenders on BBC1.  I think I'll pass.

Friday 15 December 18.56

This period before Christmas has become too busy to blog. I'll try to catch up this weekend.  I promise.

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