Blog Week 56: Recognising the price of recognition.

Monday 18 December 00.14

As I said on Friday, things are really, really busy right now. So not had a chance to blog this weekend. You know how it is just before Christmas.

The lawyers delivering on the Martini Rossi promise are working this weekend. Morale is mixed: the billable hours are welcome, but family commitments have been put to one side (always something very sensitive this time of year).

I mentioned there would be a meeting between Johan, Bill, Pierre and me. It happened on Friday afternoon and was quite eventful. My function will change a bit next year: a lot less admin and some more responsibility. I've got to explain more tomorrow as I am falling asleep.

Tuesday 19 December 01.16

Friday's meeting was an unexpected ego-boost. Pierre, Bill and Johan all said they have been impressed by the quality of my work over the past year (prepared to switch offices in the first place, the office move, general office integration,). Apparently the office needs more people with that attitude. Also my qualifications mean I am capable of taking a more responsible role.

As Pierre said that, I looked around at all of them. Pierre looked tired; he has aged a lot since the merger was first announced. Both Bill and Johan looked slightly ill-at-ease. I wondered if I was being rewarded for something else.

I will start the new position in the New Year. As my promotion has been swift, they are keen to avoid any jealousy amongst the staff. The announcement will be "carefully planned". What's the point? I am sure Mockney has told everyone by now.

Tuesday 19 December 23.48

The euphoria of my promotion is starting to fade. The new position is going to cut back on my freetime, including my blogging. I said many months ago I should write less frequently, but better quality. Maybe next year I'll have no choice.

Mockney has not said anything about my promotion. Perhaps he does not know. It's not like him to be discreet.

Wednesday 20 December 23.13

Our Martini Rossi lawyers have got everything done ahead of schedule. They probably did not have to sacrifice last weekend. But that's our law firm life: initial mild panic followed by milder relief. From tomorrow, the urgency of the deadline will be missed.

Thursday 21 December 22.47

There was a farewell drink for Goldilocks this evening. Bill made an amusing speech and everyone laughed in all the right places. Goldilocks was given some "baubles" in recognition of her hard work. There were not that many people attending; quite a few have taken tomorrow as holiday.

Just tomorrow and then a break. Am so looking forward to it...

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