Blog Week 123: Bending over backwards.

Sunday 30 March 22.00

Sometimes something seemingly trivial can have big consequences. Yesterday I was lifting a bulky but not heavy box around my appartment. I suddenly felt a twang in my back followd by a sharp pain. I have been in a stiff discomfort ever since and just lying down. My boyfriend told me how I should have lifted it properly using bent knees, straight back etc. He means well but right now I don't care. I can't blog much tonight. I hope to get an appointment with a specialist tomorrow. Typical that it happens now. I am sure this coming week will be busy.

Monday 31 March 22.26

Fortunately was able to see a specialist first thing this morning. After some back twisting and manipulation I feel a lot better (if sore). I have some excerises to do to improve my posture. Some require a fair bit of dexterity.

I was still a bit stiff as I walked past our latest recruit, a stagiaire (a replacement for my beautiful stagiaire). You might remember that this is the one Paranoid a few weeks ago said was hot stuff. He didn't strike me as being above average but maybe I was not in the mood to ogle at that moment in time.

Paranoid was upset because one of her bosses, Highly Paid Nobody, is leaving. Turns out there was more to last week's meetings than I realised. HPN is being summoned elsewhere. One last chance to prove his worth. Paranoid was quite upset. She has bent over backwards to help him. All for what?

Tuesday 1 April 23.23

Mockney sent a prank email this morning. Something about firewall maintenance and we all had to turn off our computers at 11am. Within five minutes he sent a second email apologising for his first email. I think Pierre had had a word.

I am trying to avoid sitting for too long at the moment. There are some exercises I am doing when I can. Neanderthal walked in this afternoon (he was looking for Pierre) and found me in not the most "ladylike" position. He just muttered something about "oh you're busy" and walked straight out. Thank god that was his reaction. Otherwise it could have been like something out of Benny Hill.

Wednesday 2 April 23.42

Wasn't the Apprentice interesting ce soir? Thank god we don't have any of those monstrous love-to-hate characters in our office.

Mockney was trying to get into Pierre's good books today after yesterday's joke badly misfired. Like I mentioned about Paranoid on Monday, Mockney is bending in a certain direction, but for another reason.


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