Blog Week 122: Four seasons in one day.

Monday 24 March 21.45

Just arrived back in Brussels. My boyfriend whisked me away to London for Easter. We had talked about going for a while, particularly with the euro getting stronger against the euro. The weather was crazy, like four seasons in one day. I wasn't fully prepared for that - which was a nice excuse to do even more clothes shopping!

We were taking shelter in one store when I came across Calamity James (the trainee recently seconded from London). I think he was with his girlfriend. There was a tenseness about them, like they had just had an argument. He didn't see me. I kept hoping afterwards we wouldn't bump into them again. I didn't want anything work-related to invade my personal space.

Tuesday 25 March 23.37

Today was relatively quiet. My boss is away the rest of this week; like the vast majority of the office.

It was so quiet that the highlight of my day was a brief conversation with Highly-Paid Nobody this afternoon. He and I have never really spoken before. He has always seemed pleasant but not that approachable.

It is difficult to read someone who I hardly know like that. But as we spoke I realised there was a sadness about him. Like he was not enjoying where he is, what he is doing. As if he was trapped.

Wednesday 26 March 23.41

I had to arrive earlier to greet a senior visiting lawyer. It was unclear to me why he had to be handled with kid-gloves. He and Highly-Paid were in a meeting for most of the morning. HPN was probably just happy to be doing something for once.

Stumbled upon tonight's first episode of the Apprentice on BBC. To think I almost missed the new series. As always it has a motley cast of characters; with a good few love-to-hate contestants already prominent.

Thursday 27 March 23.19

Another quiet day. The visiting senior lawyer and Highly-Paid Nobody had lunch together. That "highlight" shows how quiet it was. I think things will pick up next week when more people return to the office.

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