Blog Week 121: Creatures of habit.

Sunday 16 March 23.26

Mockney's piece of half-gossip was that Hairy maybe coming back. I find that hard to believe. Why would she want to come back? It did not appear to be a difficult decision to leave our office. I cannot imagine things are that bad at her new place.

I told Mockney he should be careful who he goes round telling that particular piece of "news". He looked put out realising his red-hot exclusive is of dubious quality. I always wonder where he gets this stuff from. I know office life can be dull. But is this the consequence of an overactive imagination?

Monday 17 March 22.18

My boss Pierre is on holiday this week. So I am dealing with some of his work. Not the strategic "fire-prevention" type stuff, just the "fire-fighting" crap that blows up and no one else wants to deal with.

For example I had to get my hard-helmet and hose out this afternoon over something unbelievably petty (but unfortunately true).

A positive aspect of Neanderthal's reorganisation is certain aspects of the office decor have been changed. Personally I prefer the new look. Whoever decided to make the changes has taste.

Amidst the refurbishment a printer was moved and - shock horror(!) - not moved back afterwards. It has remained in its new location for a few days as most people prefer it there. Everyone except one person who got angry at having to walk a whole extra two metres. That individual unilaterally moved the printer back and now the other users have started complaining. A delegation came to me (in Pierre's absence) to air their grievance and I had to work out a compromise to keep the peace. I won't detail the compromise. But its pandering to every interest is something worthy of the politicians not so far away.

Most people want their boss's job. I don't. Stuff like this just leaves me feeling exhausted.

Tuesday 18 March 22.21

The office mini-renovation has had an unexpected consequence: adaptation to a new aural landscape. Amongst the general office quiet there are many sounds sending out little signals (or warnings). For example the joints of a nearby door squeaking or feet thudding round a corner indicating someone is coming.

It seems silly but my early warning detection system always relied on the rustle of leaves on a nearby plant in the corridor. The plant has been moved and so I was caught out this afternoon. Luckily the person who caught me day-dreaming was only Mockney. He was too excited to notice because apparently his half-gossip about Hairy was not true. Now there is a surprise. But it was a good warning for me.

Wednesday 19 March 22.54

My beautiful stagiaire will be leaving at the end of the week. My crush is still there. But far more under controlled now than at the start. I wonder if such feelings are brought on by office boredom or an actual attraction?

Paranoid had a twinkle in her eye as she told me his replacement is good-looking. I was surprised to hear her say that. Most unlike her really; she is so proper. Still something to look forward to...

On second thoughts I start to worry when I write a comment like that. I don't want to turn into one of those stereotypical office females of a certain age who flirt with the latest young innocent to come through the door. I used to think it was pitiful. But writing about my office crushes is probably the start of my own slippery slope...

Thursday 20 March 22.38

As the office was quietening prior to Easter I realised how many behavioural patterns just keep on repeating themselves. Like Mockney's overactive imagination, my office crushes. They become so ingrained that they are like a habit.

My boyfriend and I head off for a little Easter break. He is going to surprise me.


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