Blog Week 41: Back to work.

Monday 5 September 21.58

My various bosses were back at work today: my actual boss, Pierre, refreshed (sort of) after his extended break and the 2 managing partners Bill and Johan.

Tomorrow the first staff evaluations begin. As the office does not have a functioning HR department (a story I'll tell you about another time), Pierre is conducting the evaluations. I attend too - in a note-taking capacity. Tomorrow we start with Paranoid Android.

Tuesday 6 September 23.36

Pierre had just asked Paranoid Android what value she added to the office when the fire alarm went off. Paranoid's look of confusion soon turned to fear as she realised what was going on. Pierre and I had to go around the office making sure no one was still trying to finish an email. I wasn't too popular announcing to one client meeting that everyone had to vacate the building.

When I got to the fair exit stairway, I was surprised to see the evacuation itself was moving at a snail's pace.

The slowness was caused by Weirdo - or rather her high-heels. She was tottering slowly down the stairs, blocking the way for everyone else. It was the slowest evacuation of the building imaginable. In a burning building we would all have been frazzled.

As we eventually assembled outside, the building administration guy was furious. Pierre was so embarrassed and apologised a few times. I think the admin person was a bit power-mad as he said we must now have an extra fire alarm practice.

Pierre sent an email round saying everyone must wear sensible shoes in the office from now on. Weirdo was called into his office and told to go home and change her shoes. She tottered out of the office, tail between her legs.

Thursday 8 September 23.14

When asked (during his evaluation today) what value he adds to the office, Hedgehog gave a suspiciously fluent answer. Normally he has a slow, ponderous speaking manner. It was the most fluent answer he gave during the whole evaluation. I thought it sounded rehearsed. Pierre did not seem to notice though.


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