Blog Week 40: August slumber.

Sunday 27 August 23.55

Next week's forecast: rain, rain and more rain. I envy my colleagues who don't come back till the start of September.

Speaking of which, my boss has been ordered by his doctor to take another week's vacation. So life will be sort of quiet for another week.

Monday 28 August 23.42

Today was even quietier than I thought it would be.

Tuesday 29 August 21.13

Mockney is going to spend next month in another office. The IT system is being revamped and he needs in-depth training.

I don't see that much of him these days. He spends a lot of his time fire-fighting various "legacy" issues. I'll sort of miss him. Things are usually more eventful with him around.

Wednesday 30 August 22.46

Ever notice how certain people get on really well in the office? Something about their personalities means they click immediately. Since both offices got under one roof I have been observing the new, emerging friendships. (Sad I know - but office life has been boring lately and this people-watching helps the day go quicker).

Weirdo has struck up a rapport with her closest equivalent in the other firm, Paranoid Android. They talk about recipes and knitting. Paranoid is a really nice, hard-working person, but also quite tense and nervous. Occasionally she gets over-wrought when work (ie her boss) is stressful. Perhaps she'll relax a bit more now.

Thursday 31 August 23.48

The issue of Weirdo's office attire has arisen (again). For some reason she has been tottering around in high-heels these past few days. These heels are dangerously high - basically a health-and-safety issue waiting to happen. I'll let my boss Pierre sort it out next week. He is finally coming back and the staff evaluations begin...

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