Blog Week 43: How everyone is adding value.

Sunday 17 September 20.03

I was right: it became clear on Friday that nothing will be said to the client. Instead the cleaning staff's rota is being amended. They will act like a "rapid reaction" force each time this client visits the office - apparently not often from now on as the transaction is close to approval.

Car-free Sunday seemed calmer today than in previous years. The weather was pleasant - but not as warm as last year. Walking around this afternoon, the city felt so calm.

Monday 18 September 20.26

The staff evaluations continue.

Something is definitely going on with the "What value do you add?" question. Ever since Hedgehog's evaluation I notice everyone has been giving similar answers. Although it is not my concern, I am a bit suspicious that something is going on. Pierre does not seem to have noticed though.

Tuesday 19 September 21.34

Got a call from Mockney this afternoon. His training is going well (a lot of partying with the other IT people).

He asked about the staff evaluations and - in particular - how things were going with the "What value do you add?" question. As you know Mockney cannot keep his mouth shut; so before I had said much he blurted out that somewhere on the Web is an expert's answer to the question. Apparently virtually everyone else has seen it.

Before leaving work I did a web search and in fact a couple of similar standard answers came up. Quelle surprise! Everyone has been giving pretty much the same answers so far.

I don't know if I should say anything to Pierre. After all I'll have to answer the same question at my own evaluation.

Wednesday 20 September 23.57

More evaluations, more of the same answers to that question. I try not to laugh as I hear people give reply. I am sure a few people have a twinkle in their eye as they explain the value they add.

Thursday 21 September 23.03

Evaluations should be over soon. I have learnt a lot about people in the office (well at least on the support staff side). Got to know a bit some people who I have only ever seen but never spoken to before. The office comprises friendlier people than I previously thought.

That's the thing about an office our size; despite the corporate building, the atmosphere has more of a factory feel.

Pierre made a comment about the atmosphere at the start of the week. He wants to kick-start the social side of the office ...

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