Blog Week 44: Age-old wisdom.

Sunday 24 September 23.44

One person I got to know a bit better from the staff evaluations is someone I'll call Old Timer. He has been dealing with a lot of the admin and been working part-time in recent years.

Our current HR department crisis (which I still have to explain sometime) means he is going to help Pierre and me from time-to-time. Speaking to him a bit, I realise he knows a hell of a lot about how things work.

Monday 25 September 23.48

The evaluations were intended - amongst other things - to link people's pay according to the "value" they contribute in the office. I mentioned that link to Old Timer this afternoon. "That 'll be the day" he said and then burst out laughing. He left for a meeting with Pierre, Bill and Johan about our HR situation so did not elaborate on what he meant. Am curious. No idea when I'll find out (Old Timer works part-time/flexi-time).

Wednesday 27 September 23.31

Things were quiet today - I was mostly inputting staff evaluations.

Got to speak a litle bit more - albeit briefly - with Old Timer in the early afternoon.

I cannot remember how or why but he started to tell me his universal theory of law firms: everything boils down to who is screwing who. Apparently "Screwing" is meant in a figurative not literal sense. (Speaking of which, I still don't believe those rumours about Bill and Barbie).

I was about to hear more about his universal theory and then the phone rang. Old Timer was called to (yet) another meeting with Pierre, Bill and Johan about our HR situation.

It just left me wondering: who is screwing who?

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