Blog Week 45: All the world's a stage.

Sunday 1 October 23.01

The Christmas party is raising it's ugly head again.  Does not look like I will be involved with this year's organisation. Pierre made a joke on Friday that I am back up for when things go wrong. At least I think he was joking ...

Monday 2 October 23.36

Mockney was back from his month's training today. Sounded more like a month's partying. He emailed some photos of him and his colleagues in a karaoke bar drinking shots and causing mayhem. Beats me how he and the other IT geeks got away with justifying the expenses.

Particularly as the firm is getting even more cost conscious at the moment.

Just the other day an associate requested the library to order an extra copy of a really useful Trade law book. Initially the request was turned down as there was not enough money left in the appropriate budget. After some fuss, one of the partners found out and made sure the book was ordered.

So how is it Mockney and co can spend god-know's what on drinks and karaoke and our library cannot afford another copy of a law book?

Tuesday 3 October 23.14

A new stagiaire started yesterday. At lunch time he told Mockney and I about his recent stage at an EU institution. A succession of parties and trips - with the occasional bit of work as something to put down on his CV. I don't know that many stagiaires, but every time I hear about someone's stage (at any private or public organisation) it nearly always involves boring work and a great social life.

Wednesday 4 October 23.47

The stagiaire from yesterday has left already. Turns out an offer for an associate position at another firm came through. That position only begins next month, so he is off on holiday somewhere asap. Makes sense: why hang around here when he can take a long holiday before starting work as a lawyer?

So another stagiaire is needed. Something else for Old Timer to deal with.

Thursday 5 October 23.16

Mockney and his karaoke buddies are in trouble. One of them videoed their gang singing on stage. Earlier this week it was emailed around their group as a very large attachment. But someone forwarded it to a few extra people who really never should have received it.

One of those people complained and so a mini-investigation started concerning "inappropriate" attachments. But since the attachment was opened, the investigation has broadened into what exactly their month-long IT training entailed. All I have heard is that they were not just singing on stage ... Mockney told me he is not worried as he was just following "orders" to attend.

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