Blog Week 46: An aural hearing.

Sunday 8 October 23.58

Mockney had to see Pierre on Friday about the Karaoke stage video.  I understand that the other IT people are all blaming each other for who was responsible for what.

There is going to be a video conference next week between the different offices - a sort of video hearing - to determine who did what.  I might be needed in a note-taking capacity.  It should make for interesting viewing...

Monday 9 October 23.47

The organisation of the Christmas party is already starting to get chaotic. Finding a venue is proving harder than first imagined. The partners have decided this party should be "special" - as it is the first party when we are all one big happy office family living under the same roof. Thankfully no committee has been formed to decide the party theme. Bill and Johan will make the decision later in the week.

Tuesday 10 October 23.35

Mockney is getting a bit nervous about tomorrow's video hearing. It is in the evening (our time) so some colleagues in the US West Coast can attend.

Wednesday 11 October 23.46

More than a little curious about Mockney's video hearing.  The firm is taking this karaoake stage incident very seriously - a few senior people in a few offices are involved.  God knows how much chargeable time is being taken up over this incident.  Just have to wait till tomorrow I guess ...

Thursday 12 October 23.22

The video hearing was an anti-climax. As all the IT people were on "trial", none of them were involved in the video conference preparations. So the relevant partners set up the video link which inevitably proved too much for some - although those confusing wires and buttons.  After a delay of 30 minutes an old-tech telephone conference took place.

Mockney and company all said the same things: the email attachment was faked and agreed that  it was indeed in poor taste and should not have happened on a work-related social event.  Apparently the organiser of this month long "training" had already, by the skin of his teeth, convinced the partners it was a good use of firm resources.  The partners are going to decide what action to take in the coming days.


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