Lawyer-Accountant: (2) Expectations

Bart Van den Bossche writes:

Often, upon being instructed by you, your accountant will ask for your authorisation to make all tax and, if relevant, VAT declarations on your behalf.

When authorised to act on your behalf, your accountant can deal directly with the Belgian tax authorities. For example, when the authorities are conducting a control of your professional accounts, often it is your accountant (not you) who will deal with them.

As communication with the Belgian tax authorities is conducted in either French or Flemish, many accountants provide their international clients with a translation of the important documents submitted on behalf of the client in other languages. The technical nature of fiscal matters may make it difficult to deal with, so you should expect an explanation of what is going on even if your level of fluency in these languages is high.

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First published: 12 November 2005
Last updated: 19 August 2006

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