Blog Week 5: When the only thing worse than being spoken about, is not being spoken about.

Tuesday 27 December 11.11

Have decided to open up the comment function on my blog. I want to know what you think about my blog.

Thursday 29 December 16.04

Oscar Wilde said the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. I am not a literary legend, but I know what he meant as no one has written anything. Ok so it is the holiday period, but still no one out in the blogosphere has commented on my blog. I am turning off the comment function.

Friday 30 December 13.58

Felt a bit down about the lack of response to my blog. I spoke with my brother - he blogs too (quite a well-known blog in fact). I had not told him about my blog and he was really interested in reviewing it.

Well at least he was honest. He said my blog was ok, but dull and that was a surprise to him. I am normally quite edgy in my humour and observations and yet my blog is quite toned down. Maybe I feel intimidated because I am working in a law firm?

He has suggested I stop with all the daily routine stuff (he said/she said, so then I said) and also introducing a cast of characters and then never mentioning them again. I should start to analyse things a bit more. I'll give it a go.

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