Blog Week 6: Getting ready for Year 2.

Monday 2 January 11.28

New Year's Eve was great fun. Still recovering. Have been thinking about my brother's comments and I realise how subdued I have been in recent weeks. I guess that is what a relationship break-up does. Anyway, no more feeling low. is a new year and a new start.

Wednesday 4 January 12.04

Been travelling, visiting friends. So many people have settled down: house; either with a child or two or one is on the way. It is difficult not to feel a bit left behind. Still am keeping in mind that is a new year, new start.

Friday 6 January 09.47

Did not sleep that much last night. Was feeling a bit nervous about going back to Brussels and the new office. I could not put my finger on it, but I felt like things were happening in the background and I did not really know much at all.

When I was at the last office I always got on with Pierre. I am sure everything will be ok.

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