Blog Week 10: Jokes and "graffiti" about the merged office's new location.

Sunday 29 January 23.15

Last Friday's meeting about the location of the new office got postponed till the middle of this week.

The official reason given was that all the partners have been too busy recently and need more time to consider the options. The actual reason seems to be there is going to be one big argument about the location. The atmosphere in the office is a bit fragile, bit nervous at the moment - so a delay might not be a bad idea.

The partners are mostly looking for prestigious offices that reflect well on the firm (and therefore them). Of course cost is an issue, but not the most important one.

The real issue is location. Brussels is full of prestigious, modern offices that are empty.

Currently if you name a central, southern or eastern location in Brussels and there seems to be someone in the office arguing for it.

For everyone else issues like train, metro, tram and bus connections are important, not that anyone is taking any notice.

Mockney is suggested the new office location should be by the North Station 'so we can benefit from the local amenities'. I do not even want to think about what he is thinking about.

Monday 30 January 20.54

I walked into the kitchen mid-afternoon today to find Shakespeare sticking a piece of paper up on the fridge door.

At first he looked really embarrassed, like he had been caught out doing something he should not be doing, and then, realising it was me, he relaxed a bit.

Shakespeare has created a diagram about the different office location options. He has likened each option to a pair of shoes, here are a few:

- Louiselaan/Avenue Louise. Safe and comfortable - like a pair of expensive slippers.

- Kunstlaan/Rue de la Loi. Soldier's boots - next to the EU institutions, where all the action is.

- Naamsepoort/Porte de Namur. Trendy trainers/sneakers. Upcoming, hip and happening.

- Madou. Somehow Shakespeare has found the shoes the characters wore in Star Trek as in 'to boldy go where no man has gone before !'

There are other location options mentioned but (in my opinion) the shoes idea does not work so well for them. Wonder what the reaction around the office will be to his diagram?

Tuesday 31 January 23.58

Shakespeare's poster did not last long. I was getting a coffee first thing this morning and there was no sign of it.

An email came round from Pierre a little later saying the partners had noticed some 'graffiti' in the office kitchen. The 'offending material' had been removed and nothing would happen this time, but should it happen again !

Sometimes office life reminds me of being back at school.

Well the sooner this office location decision is taken the better. It seems to be bothering everyone.  Brilliant - from office services - normally does not say much to anyone. I heard him in a discussion with Cherie in the kitchen about the relative merits of the redeveloped Madou versus Naamsepoort. He sounded like an estate agent.

Well once the decision is taken at tomorrow's meeting, at least we will know what the situation is.

Wednesday 1 February 23.15

Surprise! Surprise! The big meeting (about the new office location) was postponed -again. Indefinitely postponed it seems. Certainly no new date has been set for the showdown.

Mockney was not in the office today (apparently suffering with the flu). Just as well for him given that after lunch Rodney stormed into our office demanding his whereabouts.

After being told about Mockney's absence, Rodney asked me to take a look at his laptop! Me!?

Sharing an office over the past few weeks with Mockney is about the extent of my IT knowledge. Given the recent insights I have had into Mockney's mind, I really hope osmosis has not been taking place during this time.

I suggested Rodney try the IT Help Desk - after that is what they are there for - and he left. I hope he did not think I was being sarcastic.

Thursday 2 February 21.19

Following an investigation by the IT Help Desk, it turns out Mockney was using Rodney's laptop to do naughty things. Have not been able to find out what exactly, so far. Pierre is going to have a quiet word!

Brilliant was at it again - 'it' being his estate agent/realtor sales routine. This time, outside the library, he had Lisa and Spock enthralled with the virtues of Madou compared to Kunstlaan/Rue de la Loi. It is not as if those 2 locations are too far from each other to make such a difference.

The surprising thing is how articulate Brilliant becomes when he starts talking about the new office location. Normally he says little and just does his work, mention office location and he becomes so animated. Why?

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