Blog Week 11: When office rage is all the rage.

Sunday 5 February 20.18

On Friday Pierre had a very direct telephone conversation with one of the outside consultants involved in the merger. When I say very direct conversation, I really mean a very confrontational conversation.

I was in Pierre's office when he took the call. I had to wait while Pierre finished his call. Although I could tell he was agitated, I thought we would carry on with our matter and instead he fired off a string of expletives about the consultants. Before seeing Pierre act like that, I could never have imagined him getting so angry. Mockney better watch out next week.

The big problem is the consultants' arrogance: thinking they are something special and everyone - including the lawyers - should be looking up to them.

It is clear Bill, Rodney, Cherie - those partners I see each day - cannot stand them.

I find it hard to understand; one friend of mine is a consultant in Brussels and she is so pleasant and down-to-earth.

Why do we end up with the difficult people? Maybe I am too sensitive; but there is enough tension round the office as it is.

Monday 6 February 23.58

Pierre continued on the warpath.

Mockney was caught in the cross-fire. Back from his latest illness, Mockney was in Pierre's office for about an hour.

No idea what exactly Mockney has done, but he did not say a word for the rest of the day. He seemed scared to leave the office.

Tuesday 7 February 23.01

Mockney is not saying anything at the moment. He just sits behind his laptop, scared.

Mid-morning Bill arrived in the office furious.

Today an important breakfast meeting had been arranged between a new client and some important Commission people. The client could have walked from the hotel to the breakfast venue, but Bill insisted on organising a Chauffeur taxi. The right impression had to be created.

Well certainly an impression was created: the Chauffeur taxi driver arrived late, got lost and then ended up stuck in traffic. The breakfast meeting, when it finally started, never really got beyond the initial handshakes (as the client had a plane to catch).

Bill got on the phone to the Chauffeur company and raged. The Chauffeur company apologised, but the damage was done.

Bill was irritable for the rest of the day. Normally he is really calm when things do not work out; but this matter really bothered him.

I tried to stay out of his way. But with Mockney acting strange(r) and Bill in a mood, today was not much fun.

Wednesday 8 February 23.36

I got swallowed up by the "Black Hole" of archiving today.

Bill was out of the office and I got a message from Pierre saying I had to help Brilliant archive. There was a mountain of documents to get through.

Brilliant did not say much for most of the day. I did not bring up the subject of the office location. I did not want to see Brilliant metamorphe (spelling?)into a real estate salesmen.

At the end of the day, I was walking back to my office when I heard Rodney shouting down his mobile. I had the impression one of his teenage kids was in trouble with the police - again.

As I walking out of the building, I saw Rodney in a taxi shouting at the driver to somehow get past the gridlocked traffic. The taxi driver snapped and started to argue back. I was so glad I to be walking in the other direction.

Thursday 9 February 21.28

Bill was back in the office so I avoided any archiving today (hurrah!). One of the other secretaries had to help Brilliant archive. He (the secretary) did not look very happy as he headed off with Brilliant.

Bill is still annoyed with the chauffeur taxi incident from the other day. I guess the client must be someone really important.

For different reasons, Rodney and Mockney are like zombies at the moment. Rodney seems shocked by whatever mess he had to get his kid out of yesterday. Mockney seems to want to avoid everyone. He used to be so noisy and now he is just so quiet.

Some photos came round by email of Jo and Chris. He is a little darling.

There has been so much aggression around the office these past few days, I was expecting something to happen today, some volcano to erupt. But nothing happened. Bit of an anti-climax really.

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