Blog Week 21: Easter breaks.

Thursday 20 April 14.58

I have been on holiday and it was great. I left Brussels and headed to the sunshine and got it.

I returned last night - in time for the latest episode of the Apprentice. BBC 2 even showed the "You're Hired!" programme for once.

My brother - who is a world-famous blogger (I only slighty exaggerate) has been in contact. He told me my blogging style is too "meandering" and no one can keep up with what I am writing about. Is my blogging style that bad? I think my blog is interesting - but of course I am biased.

Maybe I'll open up the comments feature again and let you all tell me? Then again the fear of silence is too overwhelming.

I have the rest of the week for holiday. No work till Monday! Hurrah!

Friday 21 April 16.41

Met Jo this morning for a coffee. She had her beautiful baby - Chris - with her. She seemed well, but tired. No surprise really. She wanted to know what has been going on in the office. As I sat telling her, everything sounded like such a "soap opera".

Afterwards I felt my Easter break happiness starting to crack. Is this my life, a bit-part player in a disappointing soap-opera that never ends?

But with the sun shining in Brussels today it is difficult to feel down.


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